Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin

This biography/historical text follows the life of Benjamin Franklin's
youngest sister, Jane. In 1712 Jane was born into this large Franklin family residing in Boston. The youngest of 7 sisters and Benny being the youngest of 10 brothers were a matched pair from the beginning. Girls were not educated as were the boys and even then - only the wealthier families were able to do so. But Ben began to teach little Jane all he could and as times wore on, and times were hard, this brother sister pair were the last remaining of their clan and spent the better part of their long lives enjoying correspondence, friendship and loyalty with each other. Ben Franklin, one of the most remarkable Americans since the birth of our nation had in Jane his one link to family, to his past and his true self. He forever bounced his ideas, his writings and philosophies off this self learned sister at a time when women found themselves on the outskirts of education, history and politics. Author Jill Lepore brings to life, in an extremely manageable read, a look into the most precious and private letters between the siblings and a carefully studied glimpse of the American Revolution. Personally, as a lover of books, I found it completely intoxicating to learn the details of how Ben Franklin revolutionized not just our nations politics but the alphabet, the written word, the printing press, magazines, newspapers and libraries. Making reading, the desire and ease to acquire knowledge and express ones freedom through their own writing a part of every persons life. The history of documentation, archiving records and the massive changes that slowly took place for educating women is a fascinating and pleasurable journey through our history.    Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin

Friday, December 27, 2013

A House in the Sky

This book is hard to digest. I spent days deciding if I was
up to read this detailed account of the horrific hostage situation Amanda Lindhout endured with her coworker Nigel a few years ago in Somalia. Similar to reading a Holocaust story two things come to mind, one: how in the world can you survive this? and two: how can I say, as a reader, that this is a "good" read. Let's just say this; A House in the Sky, is an extremely well written account, coauthored by Sara Corbett, contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine, of an unimaginable experience and this memoir is painful but enlightening to the reader in many ways. Amanda dreamed of travel her entire life. She devoured National Geographic magazines and imagined all the places that she could see far far away from the small town she was raised in Canada. After a few backpacking adventures Amanda was ready for more. Self taught, she began photographing her adventures and writing stories. Sounds innocent enough and even exciting, except her journeys began to take her to war zones and countries where danger was imminent for both foreigners and especially women. She and a fellow photographer Nigel, an on again off again romance/friendship, meet in Somalia to see for themselves a country known to be the most dangerous place on earth. Four days into their trip they are kidnapped and 463 days of captivity follow. It is amazing they survive this ordeal. It is amazing that Amanda's heart is so big that she has now dedicated her life to educating women around the world to help them live a better life. Her healing process is helping others. Extraordinary read. Highly recommend you take the time to put your feet in someone else's shoes, as scary as that may be and think about our world.  BUY TODAY!! A House in the Sky: A Memoir

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Rosie Project

I had no idea what The Rosie Project was about, can't even remember
how I found this one, it may have been the adorable cover that attracted me BUT what a pleasant laugh out loud - put a smile on your face -surprise! The life and adventures of Professor Don Tillman, a expert of genetics at a large university in Australia. Don's journey begins with "The Wife Project", his scientific method for finding a life mate that is a perfect suitable match through a questionnaire he posts online, not far off from the popular sites for online dating. Don is presented with Rosie, who is certainly no match for him due to lateness, smoking and questionable eating habits but the two nevertheless become fast friends and begin "The Father Project." Don decides to help poor Rosie find her biological father and it is not long before "The Father Project" morphs into "The Rosie Project," which frankly, you will have to read to find out how this brilliant rigid man with few social skills who has been trying to fit "in" his entire life learns the truth about himself, the world around him and love. Highly recommend this easy enjoyable read. BUY TODAY!! The Rosie Project: A Novel

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Marie Commeford is an ordinary Irish-American girl growing
up in Brooklyn, NY during the early 1940's. This novel by the talented author Alice McDermott is a simple novel that follows the life of Marie, her priest brother, hard working mother and hard drinking loving father. They have little but for the love of their family and deep faith in doing right by the church, this small quiet story meticulously hides the meaning of their lives, their dreams and their losses. The small spare apartments, little sunshine lighting their lives leaves Marie sort of glum but dreaming of more. As luck would have it she marries Tom (at not such a young age) and has four children to carry on and lend her life the purpose she has dreamed of since childhood. Reminding me a bit of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the writing draws the reader into the story with ease. The only downside is the characters are not enticing and the story is so quiet it leaves the reader on the edge of always wanting something more to happen. I could never say I did not like "Someone" due to the quality from this gifted writer but I would find it hard to pick for my book club as we would have little to discuss.  Someone: A Novel

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Guide to the Perplexed

Josie, a successful high tech programming wizard has created a new application called Genizah. The definition of a Genizah is a storage area in a Jewish synagogue or cemetery designated for the temporary storage of worn-out Hebrew-language books and papers on religious topics prior to proper cemetery burial. Josie's version helps people track and record all their life events to see patterns, make predictions and hold on to precious memories. Married to a fellow programmer named Ishtamar, their lives revolve around their 6 year old daughter Tali, their rapidly growing company and Josie's envious, resentful sister Judith, who also is their employee. Judith convinces Josie to accept an opportunity to publicize the company by assisting in the digital creation of storage for the old/new again prestigious library in Alexandria, Egypt. What was supposed to be a 3 week journey turns into a nightmare where Josie's future is dangerously uncertain and Judith happily steps into her shoes to console her bereaved family. Intertwined in this modern day novel are the parallel stories of Maimonides, one of the most prolific and influential torah scholars and physicians of the Middle Ages who published the original Guide to the Perplexed and the story of Solomon Schecter, rabbi, scholar and educator during the late 1800's whose discovery of the Cairo Genizah collection brought him world wide recognition and success. This novel is most unique in every way and beautifully written. The weaving of these different threads are not always smooth and sometimes a piece is left dangling but it is nevertheless always enjoyable. The characters and entire theme had me instantly searching for more information. Will be thinking about this one long after the book is finished. Highly recommend this fantastic new novel. BUY TODAY!! A Guide for the Perplexed: A Novel

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seven Deadlies

Unique, humorous collection of tales written as a college
submission for Perry Gonzalez, 14 year old Latina student living in Los Angeles. Perry and her single mom Yelena live in a small apartment complex struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet. Perry, on scholarship for her strong academic achievements finds that she can tutor (or "babysit") the other private school students to make some extra money. As her schedule fills, for the majority of students need her services, Perry experiences the strangest, most bizarre situations one could possibly imagine. She illustrates the seven deadly sins in comparison to the lifestyle and behavior of these outrageous spoiled rich teens she is trying to help. This collection felt like a young adult book, although I cannot be too sure if teens would find this as funny as I did. Gigi is hysterical as always, making fun of a spoiled society that has become widely accepted and envied. Seven Deadlies is a fun read, not a novel to sink into but enjoyable nonetheless. If you want quick laugh ...  Seven Deadlies

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Secrets of the Notebook

Eve Haas, the author of this outstanding memoir was raised
in Berlin, Germany. As a young Jewish German girl Eve had little understanding of how Hitler was affecting her beloved country. But her father knew. Her family were the lucky ones, the Jews that saw things were not getting better, but quickly getting worse, much worse. As difficult as it was to leave the comforts of their home, friends and successful business behind, they moved to London in 1934. A few years later, Eve was presented with a family heirloom. One of the few items her paternal grandmother, Anna, had left the family. The heirloom was a beautiful diary from her mother, Eve's great grandmother, Charlotte. This diary was filled with either a young girls outrageous imagination or a past filled with a life of royalty in Prussia. It was not until many years later that Eve could no longer put aside this deep curiosity and longing to learn more of her family's history and she began a 30 year adventure to find out the truth. This mesmerizing deeply personal memoir is filled with Eve's journey and her passion for history, family and identity. With her supportive husband Ken at her side, they travel back to Germany many times, meet with archivists and historians and slowly peel away the many layers to expose the past as it has never been seen before. Highly recommend this incredible unique true story of Eve's perseverance and dedication to her family - past and present. READ TODAY!! The Secrets of the Notebook: A Woman's Quest to Uncover Her Royal Family Secret

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy

Bridget Jones is back: funny, clever and off the wall as ever.
Years have passed since we last watched Bridget, she was the dating, crazy, single girl searching for love, meaning to life and that sort of thing. With the familiar wit and humor we all loved with Bridget in the past, Helen Fielding has done it again. Okay, there is this tiny sad element that Mark Darcy is dead but remember Colin Firth is still with us, this is not real (!) Its a bit of a bizarre twist but you know from the start and mourn quickly as Bridget and her small group of wacky friends guide her down the path of single mom, 51 with two children back in the dating world. Only the dating world has drastically changed and this texting, sexting, tweeting, life consumes Bridget daily and with it Ms. Fielding delivers more of this comical, loving, sweet girl that we all adore. This is a quick easy fun laugh out loud read, I highly recommend. It is written as a diary, ongoing tweeting fest that you can read in little pieces or just as well in one sitting, as I did! Do not be put off by negative reviews/comments, its a fun fun book that I thoroughly enjoyed! If you need a good laugh BUY TODAY!!  Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

Monday, November 11, 2013


What if Margot Frank, Anne's older sister had survived?
What if she had managed to escape and was miraculously rescued and finds herself still in hiding a decade later as her American dream persona, Margie Franklin, gentile, secretary, normal. It is 1959 and Margie Franklin covers her tattooed arm with a sweater everyday. As the book, then the play, and finally the movie of Anne Frank's life is released, Margie's facade comes crumbling down. The warmth, sensitivity, and detailed emotions of each character are exquisite throughout Margot. Although completely fictional the what if and the hope that every young girl who ever read The Diary of Anne Frank has longed for, has come to life through this novel. If evil sinister Nazis survived and created new identities, why not the remote possibility that one of our hero's did as well. As Ms. Cantor writes in the story; when Joshua, the all American Jewish lawyer in Philadelphia finally sees the film and Margie asks him if he likes it, he replies: "It's not really a movie you can like, is it?" "It's more like school. Where you know you have to go and learn. Or the doctor. You know it's good for you. That you should do it. But you don't exactly enjoy it."  "Margot" has left me breathless. Please DO NOT MISS this read, there is no question it is a MUST!!! Margot: A Novel

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Signature of All Things

This captivating fictional saga focusing on the Whittaker family
begins when Henry, a poor young boy is banished from England to sail with Captain Cook in the late 1700's. His job is to collect botanical specimens for Kew Gardens in London. This journey changes his life and the destiny of his family. Henry finds the adventure and riches he desperately seeks and begins his future in the new world of Philadelphia where the Whittaker name becomes everything he'd ever dreamed. He settles on a magnificent estate called White Acre and summons the world and all its riches as he pleases. Alma, his daughter has the intelligence and wit of her mother Beatrix and just a touch of Henry's drive. Suddenly when Alma had believed with all her heart that the study of botany is everything she'd ever need, she finds she wants more, she wants love. This novel takes the reader through decades of change, some the most interesting history of the modern world. Scientific discovery at its very best. The authors research was extensive, years and true love of botany must have accompanied Ms. Gilbert on her SOAT (as its been nicknamed) journey, the characters are phenomenal and captivating. Descriptions are meticulous. But, my fellow readers, I must tell you, it is LONG. It requires time and patience to complete. 500 pages. The writing is excellent, it is the polar opposite of Eat Pray Love of which the author is most famous for. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Well done Elizabeth Gilbert, WOW!  BUY TODAY!! The Signature of All Things: A Novel

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mother Daughter Me

Insightful, sensitive memoir following the
journalist Katie Hafner as she progresses through her experimental living arrangements with her 77 year old mother and 16 year old daughter. Katie, widowed at a young age, and her mother, recently separated from Norm find themselves cohabiting for the first time in many, many years. While she has always maintained contact with her mother, Katie has desperately craved more closeness, approval and love than seemed available. After a challenging childhood, in which she struggled through her parents divorce, mother's alcoholism, many moves, many schools and much loneliness, Katie has desperately held on to the the desire for her mothers friendship. Needless to say this living arrangement is not easy. The authors reflection on her childhood, stepfamilies, adult relationships, work and parenting are honest, well written and far from whining. Instead of the 'woe is me' world many live in, Katie forges forward, searching for happiness, understanding and truth. I loved this memoir and was amazed how relatable these very basic needs are for everyone. Our upbringing, the memories we hold dear  and deep need for acceptance are across the board, across the globe more similar than we can readily imagine no matter what type of family one was raised in. Wonderful writer, wonderful memoir. Highly recommend this fabulous read! BUY TODAY! Mother Daughter Me: A Memoir

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

By Jan-Philipp Sendker      This fable like story tells the
magical love story between Tin Win and Mi Mi set in Burma before WWII. The tale begins with Julia as she searches for her father, Tin Win, who has disappeared from New York leaving their small family mystified, sad and angry. When Julia discovers a long forgotten letter to a woman named Mi Mi she begins her journey to find her father or least the truth. She is befriended by a man in a small village who shares with Julia the tale of her fathers life and so begins the story within the story. The writing, translated from German, is beautiful and poetic. The morals and hidden meanings found through sounds, words and ones heart are what makes us who we are. The underlying truths allow people to share love and life with each other, a deep desire we all share yet hide, bury and refuse to face in light of the everyday rules we have created for our society. I love this story and all it stands for. It is a quiet, slow read. A simple story you will think about long after the book ends. And I believe thats the point. BUY TODAY!! The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mrs. Poe

By Lynn Cullen   Take a trip back in time, to New York City,
circa 1845. The literati consists of every famous name, the very core of American literature. Poets, writers, artists and those that surrounded them. Their reputations could be made or broken on a whim of gossip or assumed impropriety. Francis Osgood, a beautiful poet married to artist/portraitist Samuel Osgood, a scoundrel by every definition of the word, befriends the new poet on the scene whose fame is growing at a rapid pace, none other than Edgar Allen Poe. Their friendship is one filled with longing and desire, their instant connection exposed in letters and poetry is both frowned upon and envied. This group of eclectic intellectuals are of a class that must adhere to social niceties at all costs. Mrs. Poe, Virginia, is very ill, frail and sad. She is the first cousin of Poe that he married when she was only 13 yrs old. Her strange and lonely mother Mrs. Clemm is her caretaker and obsessed with both Poe and Virginia's happiness. It is hard to know who is a friend and who is an enemy. Reminding me of the fabulous novel American Bloomsbury (By Susan Cheever) author Lynn Cullen brings these details back to life, these amazing figures back to the very center of American Literature. The imagination and sensuality all the more mesmerizing because these historical characters have touched our lives whether we are aware of it or not. Highly recommend this excellent read. Could not put this one down!! BUY TODAY!!!  Mrs. Poe

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Lowland

By Jhumpa Lahiri    Sudhash and Udayan Mitra. Two brothers
growing up in Calcutta. As children Sudhash and Udayan are inseparable but when adulthood approaches, the brothers closeness begins to unravel. It is the early 1970's and the country is in the midst of a revolution. Udayan becomes swept up in communist activities and secrets between the brothers build an unsurmountable wall. Both incredibly bright scientists, Sudhash is offered an opportunity to study for a graduate degree in America, in Rhode Island. The physical distance resembles the emotional one already tearing the brothers apart. A wife, a child and a lifetime of regret follow these characters through decades of love, loss, loneliness and familial responsibility. Once again, this authors' prose reads like poetry. Ms. Lahiri draws the reader into the epicenter of life deep inside a family. She details the responsibilities and traditions that hold them together and later tear them apart. Though its a rather sad quiet story, the words are mesmerizing and details are vivid. Highly recommend this new novel by this beloved author, as I will once again patiently wait for her next to arrive. BUY TODAY!!  The Lowland

Monday, October 7, 2013


By Curtis Sittenfeld   Daisy (Kate) and Vi (Violet) are identical
twins living in St. Louis, Missouri. Since a young age Daisy and Violet have both known that they had "senses", senses that other kids didn't possess. As youngsters this seemed exciting but by middle school and highschool when kids try hardest to fit in, being labeled witches became a status Daisy longed to escape yet Violet embraced. Years later at 34, Kate has renamed and recreated herself, married to Jeremy with two beautiful children she tries to live the most normal life possible. Violet has become a full time psychic making this ability her lifes work. Having endured a difficult past with their depressed mother the girls share a love/hate relationship and care for their elderly and lonely father. This novel focuses around Vi's latest earthquake prediction while reflecting and exploring the complicated sisterland they still share. Sisterland was unexpectedly quirky and filled with lovable characters. The author quickly draws you into the arms of this family and frankly I could not put this book down. I was unsure of the subject matter and it unexpectedly captured my imagination immediately, do not miss this read.  Highly recommend BUY TODAY!!!   Sisterland: A Novel

Thursday, October 3, 2013


By Sandi Krawchenko Altner     Ravenscraig begins in a poor
village in Russia. It is the late 1800's and the czar has ordered the destruction of a Jewish village once again. The Zigman family, struggling to survive has made the brave decision to escape their brutal existence in Russia and travel to Zevs father who awaits them in Canada. Even though the journey is risky and they will be separated for a long period of time, the family believes they will be together again and find the peace and happiness they desperately seek. The Willows family is on their way up. Rupert Willows has reinvented himself and is enjoying one success after another as Winnipeg grows by leaps and bounds. His unending desire for wealth and celebrity nourishes his scheming, shallow ways and he will not stop until he's reached the top. Over many years and many miles, these two families live and love, win and lose and their paths cross in the most unexpected ways. From the pogroms of Russia, the exciting growth of Winnipeg all the way to the maiden voyage of the Titanic, this novel spans across generations of families, friendship, and survival. Highly recommend this captivating novel which is rather long but completely enjoyable the entire way through. Do not miss this page turner filled with inspirational characters and the simplest of themes, hope. BUT TODAY!! Ravenscraig

Saturday, September 28, 2013

On the Come Up

By Hannah Weyer   Based on a true story, this author narrates
the life of a young girl she calls AnnMarie Walker. This thirteen year old girl lives on the edge of life. Raised in and out of foster care, a father she has never met and mother who is full of love but not always capable of parenting. With all the odds against her AnnMarie is brave, she is smart and she wants more. AnnMarie lives in a rough neighborhood with barely enough money or food stamps to get by, but she works it. She sells ice pops to make money for "back to school" and she has the singing voice of an angel. Pregnant and feeling alone AnnMarie finds an opportunity to audition for an indie film and it is this experience that takes her out of Far Rock for the first time. She is a hard worker with little support or guidance but finds love and friendship and even humor where its least expected. Told with compassion and honesty, this story is written in an urban vernacular that is so real the characters voices will remain in your heart long after the novel ends. Do not miss this glimpse into the life of a remarkable young woman faced with many obstacles and unending hope. Highly recommend this unique, outstanding first novel. BUY TODAY! On the Come Up: A Novel, Based on a True Story

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls

By Anton Disclafani    Magnificent writing, captivating characters
and a storyline that takes the reader on a journey back in time and deep in the heart of old Florida and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Thea and Sam have spent their entire childhoods on a huge orange grove in Florida. It is the 1930's and America is suffering from the Depression while women succumb to strict guidelines that are not to be forsaken. Thea, short for Theodora, is an avid and talented horsewoman while her twin Sam is a naturalist. The twins are home schooled by their physician father in the mornings while their afternoons explore the world outside. As Thea becomes a woman and natural curiosity surfaces, she is conflicted by her thoughts and desires and has had little, if any, interaction with other people aside from the occasional visit from her cousin Georgie whom she adores. After unexpected tragedy explodes over their quiet lives, Thea's parents send her away to boarding school. This adolescent awakening details her experience filled with mixed emotions of love and loss and new beginnings. I was not initially drawn to this title and have no knowledge whatsoever of horses but the minute I picked up this fabulous new novel, I could not put it down! Do not miss this incredible read! BUY TODAY!!  The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls: A Novel

Saturday, September 21, 2013


By Tracey Garvis Graves    transitive verb: to wish for earnestly,
desire what belongs to another. After thoroughly loving NY Times bestselling On the Island, we waited with baited breath for Covet to arrive. The story of a few friends in a small Kansas suburb living a perfectly ordinary quiet life until - it is not. And the families living the American dream in these manicured homes filled with darling blonde haired blue eyed children, are not always what they appear to be. There is gambling addiction, alcoholism, infertility, infidelity and unemployment. Maybe this is why Covet is so easy to read (one long sitting) because although fairly predictable, it is real and more common than one might imagine. The writing is simple yet satisfying and the manner in which this author builds the story pulls the reader into their lives and their hearts. As the main couple Chris and Claire share their secrets for better and for worse, the reader can visualize the characters and the scenarios playing out scene by scene. Highly recommend this easy, enjoyable read, a glimpse into a marriage that will stay on your mind long after the book is over. BUY TODAY!!   Covet

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Affairs of Others

By Amy Grace Loyd  Intriguing novel focused on Celia Cassill,
landlord of a small building in Brooklyn, NY.  Celia, a widow, has already faced the loss of a lifetime at a very young age. She has encountered mixed emotions of anger, bitterness, fear, loneliness and just pure sadness. Retreating into a life of seclusion Celia purchases and renovates a small building carefully selecting her tenants based on a level of privacy. In a world where there are few secrets and little separateness Celia has successfully placed herself apart from everyone and everything until one day, George, a tenant heartbroken by a lover, moves to Paris and sublets his apartment to an intriguing woman named Hope. The building as Celia knows it begins to change at a rapid pace and as Celia fights the intrusion, she subconsciously welcomes it, this may be her path back to the world of the living. Excellent writing, highly recommend this unique story filled with quirky characters facing real life issues both large and small that we all share in this sometimes crazy world we call home. BUY TODAY!!
The Affairs of Others: A Novel

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Early Decision

By Lacy Crawford     Anne, a Princeton graduate and professional
college counselor spends her days and nights pampering highschool seniors through the hazards of college applications. Her services represent a luxury for the very wealthy parents that need a guiding/holding hand even with their alumni donations and board of trustee positions. Few exceptions, like the top student whose mother is not yet a US Citizen or the Harvard bound awesome teen whose abilities have so completely surpassed her parents they fear letting her down. This bizarre and humorous story displays the truly complex act of writing personal essays for the first time, the pressure and expectations over the top successful parents have placed on their children's heads since birth (actually shout "Do you really think this is about you?") and unpredictable process applicants experience that is a long road to an uncertain future. In addition, Anne has her own love life mishaps and 27 year old woes which include the magic question of "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?"  Entertaining, quick read to make you laugh at the characters and maybe at yourself :-)  If you or those you love are riding this crazy rollercoaster A MUST READ! BUY TODAY!!
Early Decision: Based on a True Frenzy

The Good Lord Bird

By James McBride   Captivating fictionalized retelling of the famous
John Brown raid on Harpers Ferry pre- Civil War told through the eyes of a child. Not your ordinary child. "Little Onion" as she is called is a 12 year old slave that finds herself freed and traveling with Old John Brown and his fellow abolitionists through Kansas after her father is killed in a barber shop shootout. But "she" is really a "he" called Henry, a mistake Old John Brown made early on that never found its way to the truth. This group of odd misfits, led by the Old Man and including many of his own grown sons, are searching for the perfect way to do the Lords work by ending slavery once and for all. Old Man avoids capture, bullets by a fraction of a hair and performs hour long sermons in the middle of the battlefield. The main characters in the novel are funny, smart and shockingly likable. The writing is superb and storyline interesting. But fellow readers, my one and only drawback. It is very very long. I felt like it could have had an incredible impact and been about 100 pages shorter to get the same effect. TO PURCHASE JUST CLICK
The Good Lord Bird: A Novel

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Where She Went

By Gayle Forman   The sequel to bestseller "If I Stay"
continues the saga and love story shared by Mia and Adam. Mia has gone off to Julliard to become the cellist she was meant to be, while Adams dreams come true and his rock band takes off to unexpected heights. Three years have passed and Mia and Adam have lost all contact while leading separate lives and following their dreams. But the past still haunts them both. The friendship and intimacy they shared cannot be forgotten and chances bring them together again in NYC. Adam has a delayed flight, Mia is performing at Carnegie Hall and their paths cross as the truth and the future lays out before them. This is a quick enjoyable read and great conclusion to If I Stay, which I adored. If characters tend to stay put in your mind long after the book ends, it is fun to read how things might have turned out.  If I Stay took the reader to unexpected places and Where She Went is much more predictable but I am glad I read them both!  BUY TODAY!!
Where She Went (If I Stay)

The Gravity of Birds

By Tracy Guzeman  Alice and Natalie, sisters growing
up in the 1960's, spend a month with their parents at a rented lake house. Next door lives a charismatic artist named Thomas Bayber, whom intrigues both the girls and their parents. Alice, an avid birdwatcher and only 13 yrs old, finds this handsome stranger an intellectual that she has instant chemistry with as Thomas listens to Alice and doesn't dismiss her thoughts as adolescent. Natalie, a 17 yr old manipulative beauty immediately begins her game of cat and mouse. And so begins an affair of sorts between two sisters and one man that changes all of their lives forever. 35 years later, a search begins for an infamous painting of the girls that Thomas has kept hidden. As the end of his life is drawing near Thomas must find the missing pieces and the missing girls. Tales of the heart, lies, deceit and cover ups have slowly eaten away at the love/hate relationship Natalie and Alice share. Professor Finch and an art expert Stephen Jameson step in to uncover the mystery that lies behind the painting, the artist and the subjects portrayed. This novel explores many different relationships and an artists life. Highly recommend this excellent writing, though keep in mind it is neither light nor quick.  BUY TODAY!!
The Gravity of Birds: A Novel

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

By Neil Gaiman   A fable set in Sussex England and a
parallel world with delightful quirky characters. When a middle aged man returns to his childhood neighborhood for a funeral, he finds himself on a bench by the "ocean" down the lane. It is on this bench that his mind travels back to his childhood, back to when he was seven years old and his friend Lettie Hempstock saved his life and changed it forever. This Narnia-like magic world spliced so perfectly with reality that the reader must pay very close attention to these beautiful words and characters to follow along. Reflecting on ones own childhood, it is interesting to contemplate why we remember some very specific details from our lives and others not at all. As Old Mrs. Hempstock quotes in the story, "you'll never get any two people to remember the same thing." I highly recommend this novel, it is both easy and unique in every way. I personally have not read many fantasy like stories and was extremely surprised how enjoyable this read was. BUY TODAY!!
The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel