Friday, September 20, 2013

The Affairs of Others

By Amy Grace Loyd  Intriguing novel focused on Celia Cassill,
landlord of a small building in Brooklyn, NY.  Celia, a widow, has already faced the loss of a lifetime at a very young age. She has encountered mixed emotions of anger, bitterness, fear, loneliness and just pure sadness. Retreating into a life of seclusion Celia purchases and renovates a small building carefully selecting her tenants based on a level of privacy. In a world where there are few secrets and little separateness Celia has successfully placed herself apart from everyone and everything until one day, George, a tenant heartbroken by a lover, moves to Paris and sublets his apartment to an intriguing woman named Hope. The building as Celia knows it begins to change at a rapid pace and as Celia fights the intrusion, she subconsciously welcomes it, this may be her path back to the world of the living. Excellent writing, highly recommend this unique story filled with quirky characters facing real life issues both large and small that we all share in this sometimes crazy world we call home. BUY TODAY!!
The Affairs of Others: A Novel

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