Monday, May 8, 2023


This Fourth of July weekend Amy and Jo Sharp will be turning 30! It is also the weeklong events leading up to Jo’s wedding. As twins these two sisters had always been inseparable. Every event and emotion shared equally. But lately Amy has been reticent, plans rescheduled, only to be cancelled. The close knit family barely knows the groom Dave - but Jo, always the romantic, has been smitten since this speedy romance began 6 months ago. Along with Dave’s family and friends, they arrive Sunday on the Kismet ferry to celebrate the young couple. This small Fire Island community has held an idyllic place with the Sharp family for as long as the girls can remember, long hot summers growing up with games, BBQ’s and friends galore. Their parents vacation home encompassed everything that said summer. Everything that said family. Amy and her husband Ben step off the boat acting strangely. Fake smiles in place they do not appear the happy, affectionate couple that have been best friends for their entire lives. Dave’s parents turn up aloof and secretive, Jo fears they do not want this wedding to occur. When Dave’s best man Emmett finally disembarks their world is turned upside down. Amy does everything she can to hide a secretive and painful past. She does not know if her heart can survive this runaway wedding. Truly enjoyed this quirky family, sisterly love and fabulous setting. Perfect read to get excited for summer! I may just have to check out Kismet! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Friday, May 5, 2023

Looking For Jane

In 1971 Evelyn and Maggie become friends under the harshest of circumstances. They have been sent to a home in Toronto for unwed “fallen” women. These two young ladies are barely out of their teens when they become pregnant and their distressed families have them spend their months prior to delivery in a horrific home run by the church. Evelyn and Maggie cling to each other for comfort during the hardest days of their lives. With no contact to the outside world the girls are shamefully coerced to repent, put their babies up for adoption and keep this experience a secret. In 2017 Angela finds a sealed letter in the antiques shop she manages. Buried deep in a drawer the tearful saga details a dying mother’s wish to tell her adopted daughter the truth of her birth and reveal what little information she has hidden all these years. Angela, who is currently struggling through infertility procedures and is knowingly adopted, feels deeply for these strangers who apparently never received the news. Although it would be easier to step back and not get involved, Angela begins researching all of these names and events and in the process discovers a terrifying part of women’s history. Loosely based on actual events, this devastating truth is hard to read about especially due to the recent changes in abortion legislation. Although I admire this debut author’s courage covering such a difficult subject, there were too many characters to follow and the writing didn’t pull me in as much as I hoped it would. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Monday, May 1, 2023

Meet Me at the Lake

For the last ten years Fern Brookbanks had simultaneously been furious and quietly in love with Will Baxter. She could not have predicted that at 32 years old she would find herself back at the resort and lake house that was never her destiny. After college in Toronto Fern was determined to make her own way in the world and not repeat her mother’s path. Although she often found herself lonely, she liked her job at the coffee shop chain and secretly dreamed of opening her own business someday. Unexpected events bring her back to lake with her childhood friends and ex-boyfriend Jamie manipulating her to stay. As she faces a life changing decision, Will Baxter - more handsome than she remembered - magically reappears bringing back all the disappointment and emotional baggage she tried to leave behind. While I absolutely loved this authors first novel (Every Summer After) this one didn’t flow as well. Filled with adorable characters and a lovely setting, it lacked any substance. Although a pleasant read, it was not the page turner I’d been hoping for. ⭐️⭐️⭐️