Saturday, September 28, 2013

On the Come Up

By Hannah Weyer   Based on a true story, this author narrates
the life of a young girl she calls AnnMarie Walker. This thirteen year old girl lives on the edge of life. Raised in and out of foster care, a father she has never met and mother who is full of love but not always capable of parenting. With all the odds against her AnnMarie is brave, she is smart and she wants more. AnnMarie lives in a rough neighborhood with barely enough money or food stamps to get by, but she works it. She sells ice pops to make money for "back to school" and she has the singing voice of an angel. Pregnant and feeling alone AnnMarie finds an opportunity to audition for an indie film and it is this experience that takes her out of Far Rock for the first time. She is a hard worker with little support or guidance but finds love and friendship and even humor where its least expected. Told with compassion and honesty, this story is written in an urban vernacular that is so real the characters voices will remain in your heart long after the novel ends. Do not miss this glimpse into the life of a remarkable young woman faced with many obstacles and unending hope. Highly recommend this unique, outstanding first novel. BUY TODAY! On the Come Up: A Novel, Based on a True Story

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