Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seven Deadlies

Unique, humorous collection of tales written as a college
submission for Perry Gonzalez, 14 year old Latina student living in Los Angeles. Perry and her single mom Yelena live in a small apartment complex struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet. Perry, on scholarship for her strong academic achievements finds that she can tutor (or "babysit") the other private school students to make some extra money. As her schedule fills, for the majority of students need her services, Perry experiences the strangest, most bizarre situations one could possibly imagine. She illustrates the seven deadly sins in comparison to the lifestyle and behavior of these outrageous spoiled rich teens she is trying to help. This collection felt like a young adult book, although I cannot be too sure if teens would find this as funny as I did. Gigi is hysterical as always, making fun of a spoiled society that has become widely accepted and envied. Seven Deadlies is a fun read, not a novel to sink into but enjoyable nonetheless. If you want quick laugh ...  Seven Deadlies

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