Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mother Daughter Me

Insightful, sensitive memoir following the
journalist Katie Hafner as she progresses through her experimental living arrangements with her 77 year old mother and 16 year old daughter. Katie, widowed at a young age, and her mother, recently separated from Norm find themselves cohabiting for the first time in many, many years. While she has always maintained contact with her mother, Katie has desperately craved more closeness, approval and love than seemed available. After a challenging childhood, in which she struggled through her parents divorce, mother's alcoholism, many moves, many schools and much loneliness, Katie has desperately held on to the the desire for her mothers friendship. Needless to say this living arrangement is not easy. The authors reflection on her childhood, stepfamilies, adult relationships, work and parenting are honest, well written and far from whining. Instead of the 'woe is me' world many live in, Katie forges forward, searching for happiness, understanding and truth. I loved this memoir and was amazed how relatable these very basic needs are for everyone. Our upbringing, the memories we hold dear  and deep need for acceptance are across the board, across the globe more similar than we can readily imagine no matter what type of family one was raised in. Wonderful writer, wonderful memoir. Highly recommend this fabulous read! BUY TODAY! Mother Daughter Me: A Memoir

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