Monday, March 21, 2011

The Book of Tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow  By Cecilia Ahern  Tamara Goodwin leads the idyllic teenage life in Dublin Ireland. That is until her father dies and she and her mum are left with nothing but debts and regrets. They move in to stay with family in a small village on the grounds of an ancient castle. Tamara is lonely and sad with no prospects for improvement. One day Tamara finds a diary that is filled with magical entries regarding her future. As Tamara learns to trust and love again she grows up quickly and family secrets that have been buried for many years are slowly revealed. All of Ms. Aherns books are filled with magical hope and a dash of surprise. This story is both entertaining and heartwarming, just an easy smile and who couldn't use a dose of that?

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Rehearsal

The Rehearsal By Eleanor Catton      There is a scandal at Abbey Grange Highschool. Mr. Saladin, the jazz instructor has been having a love affair with a student named Victoria. Drama is high and girls are hungry for the details of Victoria's experience and betrayal. The relationships are described in a dark comedy tribute to the torture girls can endure and solicit during these emotional teenage years. Simultaneously another drama is unfolding at the local Drama Institute where the first year actors have chosen their initial production as the portrayal of this local scandal. Paths, genders, and passions cross the lines of trust and deception. The chapters timelines are confusing but the writing is excellent and if the reader can let that go and enjoy the soap opera unfolding, this is an enjoyable and unique read.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Poser   By Claire Dederer  A fresh, witty, secret smile to yourself memoir. This author shares her innermost thoughts and feelings from her childhood through the 1970's and her parents divorce to her married adult life raising two children in Seattle. Claire finds yoga comforting, challenging and questionable. She intertwines her obsession/love of yoga with her daily life as a mom, daughter, wife, friend and writer. Yoga is always there for her and always changing.  Claire is funny and warm and this is an easy enjoyable read that I highly recommend.