Friday, June 19, 2020

The Golden Cage

Faye had a shaky past growing up in a remote part of Sweden. Alone in the world, she changes her name and heads off to the big city to attend college, determined to make a better life for herself. Faye meets golden boy Jack. He is a handsome superstar who seems to know anybody and everybody. Jack takes her under his wing and Faye leaves school in her last year to support his endeavors. Unfortunately, as Jack’s success soars Faye is left at home with their daughter. Her opinions no longer valued, it seems the more money and status Jack acquires, the less he needs Faye at his side. When an affair is discovered Faye is set for revenge. Jack has no idea of her violent past or just how far she will go to seek revenge. This fast paced psychological thriller is unputdownable. Translated from Swedish is carries a different tone that I loved. Once you find your rhythm The Golden Cage is completely unputdownable. Highly recommend for your suspenseful summer pick!

What You Wish For

Sam Casey is the librarian at a quaint, eclectic elementary school on the island of Galveston. She has pink bangs, wears colorful clothing and delights in the children and everything that is books. When the head principal passes away the whole community is deeply saddened and Sam is shocked to discover that her old crush Duncan Carpenter has been hired to fill his shoes. Unfortunately Duncan has completely changed, and the fun loving kid hero aims to turn their school upside down.This cute, completely light hearted story had the Katherine Center flair of humor but for me lacked any substance. Unlike her other novels, which I adored, the characters and plot in this one did not grab me at all :(

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Lies that Bind

Cecily is a beautiful young woman trying to make it in the big city. Originally from the mid-west, she finds herself stuck in a ho-hum job at a second rate newspaper. When her handsome boyfriend of three years refuses to talk about the future, she ends their relationship and finds herself in a seedy bar, alone at 2 in the morning. Just as she is about to cave and dial his number, a man approaches and tells her not to do it. Throwing all common sense to the wind and following her heart - Cecily begins an intense friendship with Grant that is filled with a passion she never before experienced. Grant has his own issues to deal with but their connection is unmistakable, he is her soulmate. And then 9/11. As quickly as this mysterious man entered her life, he vanishes. Desperately struggling to figure out what happened Cecily learns the meaning of love and just how important the truth really is. Another perfect summer read by author Emily Giffin (albeit with a twist!)  It’s a must for the beach!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Henna Artist

Lakshmi is alone in the city of Jaipur. It is the 1950’s and this simple young woman who escaped her arranged marriage at 15 years old will do anything she has to do for a better life and a brighter future. Fighting against traditional roles, she finds herself alone in the world with a very unique talent. She is both an artist and a healer. If only one good thing came out of her violent marriage, it was her mother in law, who taught her the many secrets of natural medicine. This captivating story will take you away to the noisy crowded streets of India. The caste system tries to keep Lakshmi in her place but her gifts have even the palace requesting her services. With careful planning she is building her own home and becoming quite a commodity. Appreciating every moment of her hard won independence, Lakshmi is thrown for a loop when her former husband reappears and some of the jealous ladies are more concerned with their reputations than the truth. Beautifully written, I highly recommend this colorful novel filled with the tastes, sounds and traditions of another place in another time.

Head Over Heels

Like most little girls Avery Abrams had one dream. To be an Olympic gymnast. Unlike most young girls, she was beyond good. Avery was the best and her promising career was real. She trained her entire childhood; no junk food, few friends, no sleepovers and eventually homeschooled. Avery and her loving parents sacrificed what most people take for granted. When she tragically injured herself at the Olympic trials, her one chance to lead the girls team was gone forever. Age wise, she was done. Avery dabbled in college gymnastics but her heart just wasn’t in it. Her disappointment so great that her life spiraled out of control for 7 years. Back home in the small town she grew up in, this former superstar has to learn to face her past and figure out some sort of future. When Coach Ryan (a former gymnast she crushed on throughout her teenage years) hires her to assist a promising young gymnast for the upcoming Olympics, Avery is finally ready to begin the healing process. Funny, well written and timely. This adorable romcom is filled with gymnastic dreams and the crushing reality of the sport. You will definitely be rooting for this all around winner.