Saturday, September 21, 2013


By Tracey Garvis Graves    transitive verb: to wish for earnestly,
desire what belongs to another. After thoroughly loving NY Times bestselling On the Island, we waited with baited breath for Covet to arrive. The story of a few friends in a small Kansas suburb living a perfectly ordinary quiet life until - it is not. And the families living the American dream in these manicured homes filled with darling blonde haired blue eyed children, are not always what they appear to be. There is gambling addiction, alcoholism, infertility, infidelity and unemployment. Maybe this is why Covet is so easy to read (one long sitting) because although fairly predictable, it is real and more common than one might imagine. The writing is simple yet satisfying and the manner in which this author builds the story pulls the reader into their lives and their hearts. As the main couple Chris and Claire share their secrets for better and for worse, the reader can visualize the characters and the scenarios playing out scene by scene. Highly recommend this easy, enjoyable read, a glimpse into a marriage that will stay on your mind long after the book is over. BUY TODAY!!   Covet

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