Friday, November 15, 2013

Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy

Bridget Jones is back: funny, clever and off the wall as ever.
Years have passed since we last watched Bridget, she was the dating, crazy, single girl searching for love, meaning to life and that sort of thing. With the familiar wit and humor we all loved with Bridget in the past, Helen Fielding has done it again. Okay, there is this tiny sad element that Mark Darcy is dead but remember Colin Firth is still with us, this is not real (!) Its a bit of a bizarre twist but you know from the start and mourn quickly as Bridget and her small group of wacky friends guide her down the path of single mom, 51 with two children back in the dating world. Only the dating world has drastically changed and this texting, sexting, tweeting, life consumes Bridget daily and with it Ms. Fielding delivers more of this comical, loving, sweet girl that we all adore. This is a quick easy fun laugh out loud read, I highly recommend. It is written as a diary, ongoing tweeting fest that you can read in little pieces or just as well in one sitting, as I did! Do not be put off by negative reviews/comments, its a fun fun book that I thoroughly enjoyed! If you need a good laugh BUY TODAY!!  Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

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