Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Signature of All Things

This captivating fictional saga focusing on the Whittaker family
begins when Henry, a poor young boy is banished from England to sail with Captain Cook in the late 1700's. His job is to collect botanical specimens for Kew Gardens in London. This journey changes his life and the destiny of his family. Henry finds the adventure and riches he desperately seeks and begins his future in the new world of Philadelphia where the Whittaker name becomes everything he'd ever dreamed. He settles on a magnificent estate called White Acre and summons the world and all its riches as he pleases. Alma, his daughter has the intelligence and wit of her mother Beatrix and just a touch of Henry's drive. Suddenly when Alma had believed with all her heart that the study of botany is everything she'd ever need, she finds she wants more, she wants love. This novel takes the reader through decades of change, some the most interesting history of the modern world. Scientific discovery at its very best. The authors research was extensive, years and true love of botany must have accompanied Ms. Gilbert on her SOAT (as its been nicknamed) journey, the characters are phenomenal and captivating. Descriptions are meticulous. But, my fellow readers, I must tell you, it is LONG. It requires time and patience to complete. 500 pages. The writing is excellent, it is the polar opposite of Eat Pray Love of which the author is most famous for. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Well done Elizabeth Gilbert, WOW!  BUY TODAY!! The Signature of All Things: A Novel

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