Saturday, June 29, 2019

Drawing Home

Emma Mapson has worked at the iconic American Hotel in Sag Harbor for years. Practically having grown up in the hotel as her father famously bartended, the front desk is practically her second home. When legendary local artist Henry Wyatt suddenly dies, he leaves his estate to Emma’s teenage daughter and aspiring artist Penny. Henry’s long ago power partner Bea turns up to stake her claim in the riches and with her travels Kyle, the very handsome assistant who quickly makes himself at home. To further increase the drama is the reappearance of Penny’s suave deadbeat dad who tries to re-charm his way into their lives. This unexpected inheritance turns this small town upside down in the battle for the house, the art and most importantly, the truth. Even though the twists are a bit predictable, this pleasant summer read is completely delightful, just like a day at the beach.

The Unbreakables

When Sophie Bloom turns forty-two an elegant dinner celebration with her closest friends is arranged. But a sparkly night of dressed up champagne toasts quickly turns disastrous when it is revealed that her darling devoted husband has been serially cheating on her for years. Maybe worse than a mid-life crisis, her closest friends have betrayed her, and as the scandal blows up the internet Sophie decides to escape the shame and pain by visiting her grown daughter who is studying in Paris. What begins as merely a quick escape turns into Sophie’s chance at another life filled with her rekindled passion for sculpting, the truth about her marriage and a window into new possibilities. Filled with charming frenchmen, great art and hot sex, this is a page turning and unputdownable summer delight. I definitely think when the going gets tough, a trip to Paris may be just the answer! 

Little Stones

Reading like a memoir, this novel by Elizabeth Kuiper journals the adventures of Hannah Reynolds. Narrated by this precocious 11 year old, Little Stones depicts Hannah's early life in Zimbabwe. Raised by her single, smart mum Jane and her housekeeper Gogo, Hannah reveals her fears and triumphs as her grandparents lose their tobacco farm, guardianship is endlessly argued and their home is brutally attacked by thieves. Young Hannah also lets us peek at her typical little girl life; playing dress up with friends, worrying about her Shona language exams and birthday surprises. Living in Zimbabwe is both simple and complicated as a loaf of bread inflates to tens of millions of Zimbabwe dollars, power and water are often intermittent and electronic gates no longer guarantee safety. Highly recommend this well written, enjoyable debut novel that will take you to Africa without leaving your lounge chair!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Enlightenment of Bees

Mia West is a 26 year old baker living in Seattle, Washington. Having grown up on a small lavender farm, Mia dreamed of traveling the world and helping others less fortunate. She never knew exactly how she’d become Saint Mia but was confident that when the time was right, her meaningful path would be revealed. When her boyfriend Ethan unexpectedly ends their 6 year relationship, Mia is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Reclusive billionaire Lars Lindstrom lives on an island in the Florida Keys. Afraid to leave the island, Lars creates a humanitarian foundation and funds teams of volunteers to bring aid wherever it is needed most. Convinced this journey will transform her future Mia and her happy-go-lucky best friend Rosie sign up to test their idealistic hearts in some of the poorest, neediest and saddest places on the planet. Highly recommend this enjoyable, heartwarming summer read about friendship, family and selflessness.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Searching for Sylvie Lee

Sylvie Lee, the overachieving older sister, glides easily from Princeton undergrad to Harvard MBA and later a career in the elite NYC world of consulting. Sylvie’s seemingly perfect life wasn’t always as it appears. Her earliest years were spent in the Netherlands where her maternal grandmother and cousins’ family raised her. She arrived in the United States at age nine to help care for her younger sister Amy, while her immigrant parents worked long hard hours. Amy has always idolized and depended on her beautiful, smart sister, but it is not until Sylvie goes missing on a trip to visit grandma, that Amy finally realizes she barely knew her at all. Follow Amy on this complicated journey to the Netherlands, where she will follow every clue and scrap of hope to find her beloved sister. This fast paced, suspenseful mystery is filled with love, jealousy and unexpected secrets. Truly surprised by this wonderfully written novel, I highly recommend for your summer list!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Ten Beach Road

When a Madoff style scheme steals every cent Madeline, Avery and Nikki possess, these three strangers are left with one asset; ownership in a dilapidated beachfront historical mansion in Pass-a-Grille, FL. Leaving behind a rocky marriage, failed television series and missing brother, they all have one thing in common; a desperate need to rebuild this home and their personal lives. Finding the most unexpected friendship and sisterhood, the women rely on each other to overcome their fears and discover how capable they truly are. Book #1 in this adventurous, friendship filled Florida based series, ideal for a day at the beach.