Monday, October 7, 2013


By Curtis Sittenfeld   Daisy (Kate) and Vi (Violet) are identical
twins living in St. Louis, Missouri. Since a young age Daisy and Violet have both known that they had "senses", senses that other kids didn't possess. As youngsters this seemed exciting but by middle school and highschool when kids try hardest to fit in, being labeled witches became a status Daisy longed to escape yet Violet embraced. Years later at 34, Kate has renamed and recreated herself, married to Jeremy with two beautiful children she tries to live the most normal life possible. Violet has become a full time psychic making this ability her lifes work. Having endured a difficult past with their depressed mother the girls share a love/hate relationship and care for their elderly and lonely father. This novel focuses around Vi's latest earthquake prediction while reflecting and exploring the complicated sisterland they still share. Sisterland was unexpectedly quirky and filled with lovable characters. The author quickly draws you into the arms of this family and frankly I could not put this book down. I was unsure of the subject matter and it unexpectedly captured my imagination immediately, do not miss this read.  Highly recommend BUY TODAY!!!   Sisterland: A Novel

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