Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Rosie Project

I had no idea what The Rosie Project was about, can't even remember
how I found this one, it may have been the adorable cover that attracted me BUT what a pleasant laugh out loud - put a smile on your face -surprise! The life and adventures of Professor Don Tillman, a expert of genetics at a large university in Australia. Don's journey begins with "The Wife Project", his scientific method for finding a life mate that is a perfect suitable match through a questionnaire he posts online, not far off from the popular sites for online dating. Don is presented with Rosie, who is certainly no match for him due to lateness, smoking and questionable eating habits but the two nevertheless become fast friends and begin "The Father Project." Don decides to help poor Rosie find her biological father and it is not long before "The Father Project" morphs into "The Rosie Project," which frankly, you will have to read to find out how this brilliant rigid man with few social skills who has been trying to fit "in" his entire life learns the truth about himself, the world around him and love. Highly recommend this easy enjoyable read. BUY TODAY!! The Rosie Project: A Novel

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