Monday, November 11, 2013


What if Margot Frank, Anne's older sister had survived?
What if she had managed to escape and was miraculously rescued and finds herself still in hiding a decade later as her American dream persona, Margie Franklin, gentile, secretary, normal. It is 1959 and Margie Franklin covers her tattooed arm with a sweater everyday. As the book, then the play, and finally the movie of Anne Frank's life is released, Margie's facade comes crumbling down. The warmth, sensitivity, and detailed emotions of each character are exquisite throughout Margot. Although completely fictional the what if and the hope that every young girl who ever read The Diary of Anne Frank has longed for, has come to life through this novel. If evil sinister Nazis survived and created new identities, why not the remote possibility that one of our hero's did as well. As Ms. Cantor writes in the story; when Joshua, the all American Jewish lawyer in Philadelphia finally sees the film and Margie asks him if he likes it, he replies: "It's not really a movie you can like, is it?" "It's more like school. Where you know you have to go and learn. Or the doctor. You know it's good for you. That you should do it. But you don't exactly enjoy it."  "Margot" has left me breathless. Please DO NOT MISS this read, there is no question it is a MUST!!! Margot: A Novel

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