Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life and Death on the Loxahatchee

Life and Death on the Loxahatchee  By James Snyder    Vince "Trapper" Nelson lived in the Jupiter area from the early 1930's until his death in 1968. He was a real life tarzan and dazzled friends and visitors with his charm, knowledge, movie star good looks and connection with nature. In 1932 there were approximately 250 people living in this area of Florida. The people were struggling during this post depression time but Trapper loved nature,  animals, and life on the Loxahatchee River. It was a quieter time and populated rather quickly in the later years. This book details exactly what life in the Jupiter/Tequesta area was and what it has come to be in the present day. There's a tremendous amount of history in this area. Easy, enjoyable read. If you like history and especially for our locals, its a must read for summer!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Invisible Wall

The Invisible Wall  By Harry Bernstein    The year is 1910, Harry is a young boy growing up in a small mill town in England. One side of the street is Jewish, the other Christian. They are all poor.They all struggle, war is approaching, they dream of America. There is an invisible wall. This beautifully written memoir details his family, with 6 children and a street full of characters. A lot has changed in the world and in other ways human nature has not evolved at all. Harry began writing this memoir at 93, published at 96. He is currently 100 and works on another. Enjoy this historical journey that is not to be missed.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Beach Read of the Summer! The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries   By Candace Bushnell   This young adult book backtracks to Carrie Bradshaw's life in highschool. Growing up in a small town a few hours outside NYC, Carrie trudges through her senior year and all the trials and tribulations that say "All American Small Town USA." Friends, boyfriends, betrayl and her desire to become a writer. Interestingly, since we know little of Carrie's life prior to NYC from watching the show, this book perfectly characterizes the Carrie we have grown to love over the years. Personally, as a SATC fan, Carrie is SJP and the reader, just like the television viewer feels as if they know her intimately. For those that enjoy the show, there is no question you must read this book, only takes about a day.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dreaming in Hindi

Dreaming in Hindi  By Katherine Russell Rich     Memoir of a year journey to study Hindi in Udaipur, India. Katherine is a writer/editor in New York City. She is divorced, 45 years old and has battled cancer for the last 10 years. Something is missing. Her life feels narrow. She needs "something" and has an indescribable passion for wanting to learn Hindi.  Katherine loses her job at a magazine and even though most people around her criticize, she welcomes an opportunity to live in India and study Hindi for a year. People are perplexed by her decision or as she truthfully admits "just jealous!"

This experience has extreme highs and depressing lows. It is a journey to acquire a new language and a new perspective on life, on people. Katherine's journey is detailed in an honest open manner, she is direct and witty. Interspersed is an enormous amount of scientific study she has acquired through research and interviews and attached to her own experience. The actual neuroscience of second language versus native tongue, along with how our brains learn, store and use this information.

Certainly worth the read, simultaneously informative and heartfelt. If you are multilingual or wish to be, whatever language your dreams are in, open your eyes and ears, its a big world out there.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Name is Memory

My Name is Memory    By Ann Brashares    Not qute time traveling, Daniel's experiences are closer to what we think of as past life experiences. Daniel Grey believes most souls have many lives but very few remember them the way he does. He remembers it every detail. He loves a woman named Sophia through all of time, all of his lives he is searching for his one true love. He can stare deeply into someones eyes and recognize their true soul, recognize who they once may have been. Some lives he finds Sophia and some he does not. Sometimes they are the wrong ages in the wrong places. Finally he meets Lucy (Sophia) well over a thousand years later and it is finally their time to be together, or is it?

A unique love story, throw in a bit of history, culture and language, sit back and enjoy this beautiful story of love, trust, friendship and most of all, life.