Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Invention of Wings

From an early age Sarah Grimke knew she was meant to
have an extraordinary life. Only trouble being, she didn't know what that meant. But to Sarah, growing up during the early 1800's in Charleston, the daughter of a prominent judge and family, what she did know for sure was she was against slavery. As her entire family shushed her for being a girl with opinions, not conforming to their way of life and her problematic stutter, Sarah's desires only grew stronger. She wanted a profession. She wanted to read and write and express her opinion about the world. Her lifelong friendship with Handful, her personal maid, her connection and camaraderie with her beloved sister Angelina and her chance, finally to travel north and find her true calling to write, to speak and be who she was meant to be in this world. Sarah takes risk, makes sacrifices and hard decisions to find her light. This magnificent historical fiction based on the true lives of Sarah and Nina Grimke and their fight for both abolition and women's equality is a must read. The amazing characters, lessons and words this author uses to express their lives is exceptional in every way. Do not miss this! BUY TODAY!!  The Invention of Wings: With Notes (Oprah's Book Club 2.0)

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Perfume Collector

Grace Munroe receives a strange letter requesting
her presence in Paris immediately. She is to receive a substantial inheritance from an unknown mysterious woman named Eva d'Orsey. Maybe a friend of her deceased parents, she wonders. And so begins the marvelous saga of a young beautiful intelligent woman, trapped in an unhappy marriage in London circa 1955. Grace is searching for the truth and even more important searching for her own happiness. This enticing novel carries the reader through the roaring twenties in NYC, the opulence of the Riviera and scintillating business of perfume in Paris. These delicious characters take you away to another place and another time. It is not so much a love story as it is a story about love. Highly recommend this easy enjoyable read. BUY TODAY!!The Perfume Collector: A Novel

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Orphan Train

From the mid 1800's thru 1929 children living in overcrowded
orphanages in NYC were loaded onto trains and sent out west to be adopted. Whether these families truly wished to raise a child (the ones who adopted infants) or were looking for free labor on their struggling farms (the older strong boys) it was an opportunity to get these orphans off their hands and off the streets. This is the story of Vivian Daly, 91 years old and living in a big house on the beautiful coast of Maine, she reflects on her past with young teenager Molly. An unlikely friendship, Molly, a foster child who has lived in more homes than she can count, finds herself in a bit of trouble. Her community service is to assist Vivian clean out her attic. But right from the start Vivian understands Molly, who is an intelligent sensitive girl yet often misunderstood by almost everyone in her world. As Vivian shares her precious memories with Molly they find a way to help each other. This incredible novel is beautifully written. It is an easy enjoyable read about an intriguing time in history and the resilience people are capable of when there is just a little bit of hope. Highly recommend Orphan Train and can't wait to read other books (how did I miss them!) by Christina Baker Kline.  BUY TODAY!! Orphan Train: A Novel

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life After Life

Ursula Todd is born in February of 1911 during a brutal
snowstorm just outside of London. And then she is born over and over and over again. And each time and with each life her path veers a different way. And with each change her future and those close to her are also changed over and over and over again. Every time we make a choice, a decision, someone lives, someone dies, there is war. These parallel lives become subtle compounded memories that leave Ursula with ongoing headache issues and mysterious recollections that her mother calls deja vu and her therapist calls the circle of life. Kate Atkinson writes this captivating novel without missing a beat. At first its hard to be sure what this novel is about. The minute the reader begins it is a mesmerizing roller coaster ride. After a short while the confusion is somehow forgotten and the story miraculously flows together and you just keep reading, loving the characters and enjoying each new thread. I have never read anything written in quite this style. Like watching Groundhog Day repeatedly, similar to the movie Sliding Doors, the idea that every step we take changes our future. Highly recommend this fantastic read! BUY TODAY! Life After Life: A Novel

Sunday, January 5, 2014

All Good Things: From Paris to Tahiti: Life and Longing

After following Australian born Sarah Turnbull through
the twists and turns of marrying Frederic and moving to Paris in her memoir "Almost French," we now find the couple, along with their precious dog, Maddy, relocating to the idyllic shores of Tahiti to work, play and continue their struggles to have a baby. Frederic is transferred from his Paris law firm to set up shop in French Polynesia and Sarah will continue work on her first novel. While reading about the interesting history of French Poylnesia, the beautiful culture comes alive with vivid color and detail as Sarah describes their three years spent on the small isolated piece of land far away from the cafes and galleries of Paris. Through Sarah's eyes the mesmerizing tropical fish, as they learn to scuba dive, the flowers and foods offered from generous delightful neighbors paint a picture as beautiful as those of Gauguin and Matisse who also spent time living in this tropical paradise. As island life has its challenges so does biology and the couple is disappointed repeatedly when IVF is not successful and they contemplate life without the family they had always dreamed of. The writing is good, the travel dream is always a wonderment to me personally, but the storyline is rather slow and repetitious. If you love to travel and want a quiet read about a beautiful place and a lovely couple, you will enjoy All Good Things, but this is not a pageturner. TO BUY TODAY!  All Good Things: From Paris to Tahiti: Life and Longing