Monday, November 25, 2013

The Guide to the Perplexed

Josie, a successful high tech programming wizard has created a new application called Genizah. The definition of a Genizah is a storage area in a Jewish synagogue or cemetery designated for the temporary storage of worn-out Hebrew-language books and papers on religious topics prior to proper cemetery burial. Josie's version helps people track and record all their life events to see patterns, make predictions and hold on to precious memories. Married to a fellow programmer named Ishtamar, their lives revolve around their 6 year old daughter Tali, their rapidly growing company and Josie's envious, resentful sister Judith, who also is their employee. Judith convinces Josie to accept an opportunity to publicize the company by assisting in the digital creation of storage for the old/new again prestigious library in Alexandria, Egypt. What was supposed to be a 3 week journey turns into a nightmare where Josie's future is dangerously uncertain and Judith happily steps into her shoes to console her bereaved family. Intertwined in this modern day novel are the parallel stories of Maimonides, one of the most prolific and influential torah scholars and physicians of the Middle Ages who published the original Guide to the Perplexed and the story of Solomon Schecter, rabbi, scholar and educator during the late 1800's whose discovery of the Cairo Genizah collection brought him world wide recognition and success. This novel is most unique in every way and beautifully written. The weaving of these different threads are not always smooth and sometimes a piece is left dangling but it is nevertheless always enjoyable. The characters and entire theme had me instantly searching for more information. Will be thinking about this one long after the book is finished. Highly recommend this fantastic new novel. BUY TODAY!! A Guide for the Perplexed: A Novel

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