Thursday, September 5, 2013

Where She Went

By Gayle Forman   The sequel to bestseller "If I Stay"
continues the saga and love story shared by Mia and Adam. Mia has gone off to Julliard to become the cellist she was meant to be, while Adams dreams come true and his rock band takes off to unexpected heights. Three years have passed and Mia and Adam have lost all contact while leading separate lives and following their dreams. But the past still haunts them both. The friendship and intimacy they shared cannot be forgotten and chances bring them together again in NYC. Adam has a delayed flight, Mia is performing at Carnegie Hall and their paths cross as the truth and the future lays out before them. This is a quick enjoyable read and great conclusion to If I Stay, which I adored. If characters tend to stay put in your mind long after the book ends, it is fun to read how things might have turned out.  If I Stay took the reader to unexpected places and Where She Went is much more predictable but I am glad I read them both!  BUY TODAY!!
Where She Went (If I Stay)

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