Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Lowland

By Jhumpa Lahiri    Sudhash and Udayan Mitra. Two brothers
growing up in Calcutta. As children Sudhash and Udayan are inseparable but when adulthood approaches, the brothers closeness begins to unravel. It is the early 1970's and the country is in the midst of a revolution. Udayan becomes swept up in communist activities and secrets between the brothers build an unsurmountable wall. Both incredibly bright scientists, Sudhash is offered an opportunity to study for a graduate degree in America, in Rhode Island. The physical distance resembles the emotional one already tearing the brothers apart. A wife, a child and a lifetime of regret follow these characters through decades of love, loss, loneliness and familial responsibility. Once again, this authors' prose reads like poetry. Ms. Lahiri draws the reader into the epicenter of life deep inside a family. She details the responsibilities and traditions that hold them together and later tear them apart. Though its a rather sad quiet story, the words are mesmerizing and details are vivid. Highly recommend this new novel by this beloved author, as I will once again patiently wait for her next to arrive. BUY TODAY!!  The Lowland

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