Sunday, September 15, 2013

Early Decision

By Lacy Crawford     Anne, a Princeton graduate and professional
college counselor spends her days and nights pampering highschool seniors through the hazards of college applications. Her services represent a luxury for the very wealthy parents that need a guiding/holding hand even with their alumni donations and board of trustee positions. Few exceptions, like the top student whose mother is not yet a US Citizen or the Harvard bound awesome teen whose abilities have so completely surpassed her parents they fear letting her down. This bizarre and humorous story displays the truly complex act of writing personal essays for the first time, the pressure and expectations over the top successful parents have placed on their children's heads since birth (actually shout "Do you really think this is about you?") and unpredictable process applicants experience that is a long road to an uncertain future. In addition, Anne has her own love life mishaps and 27 year old woes which include the magic question of "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?"  Entertaining, quick read to make you laugh at the characters and maybe at yourself :-)  If you or those you love are riding this crazy rollercoaster A MUST READ! BUY TODAY!!
Early Decision: Based on a True Frenzy

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