Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Gravity of Birds

By Tracy Guzeman  Alice and Natalie, sisters growing
up in the 1960's, spend a month with their parents at a rented lake house. Next door lives a charismatic artist named Thomas Bayber, whom intrigues both the girls and their parents. Alice, an avid birdwatcher and only 13 yrs old, finds this handsome stranger an intellectual that she has instant chemistry with as Thomas listens to Alice and doesn't dismiss her thoughts as adolescent. Natalie, a 17 yr old manipulative beauty immediately begins her game of cat and mouse. And so begins an affair of sorts between two sisters and one man that changes all of their lives forever. 35 years later, a search begins for an infamous painting of the girls that Thomas has kept hidden. As the end of his life is drawing near Thomas must find the missing pieces and the missing girls. Tales of the heart, lies, deceit and cover ups have slowly eaten away at the love/hate relationship Natalie and Alice share. Professor Finch and an art expert Stephen Jameson step in to uncover the mystery that lies behind the painting, the artist and the subjects portrayed. This novel explores many different relationships and an artists life. Highly recommend this excellent writing, though keep in mind it is neither light nor quick.  BUY TODAY!!
The Gravity of Birds: A Novel

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