Sunday, December 19, 2021

Made in Manhattan

Raised in New Orleans by a struggling single mom, Cain Stone is the furthest thing from New York elite that one could imagine. Long dark hair held back in a pony tail, large hulking - very nonsuit shoulders - and ripped jeans that he likes just fine. As the long lost grandson of Edith Rhodes, a socialite who runs the family’s billion dollar corporation, Cain is being groomed to keep the Rhodes name alive. Violet Townsend, lovely, polished and politically correct in every possible way, is positioned to help Edith prepare Cain for the interviews, meetings and hopeful role of CEO to follow. At first Violet is merely assisting Edith with what she assumed was a big city makeover; clothes, art, wine lists and which fork to use. But what began as a mere task has turned into much much more. The immediate bickering between Cain and Violet is nothing compared to the magnetic electricity that runs between them at every turn. Violet has been following the rules of society for her entire life. It is only now as Cain awakens all of her senses that she can begin to choose the path of her very own future. Modern day version of My Fair Lady and deliciously enjoyable entertainment for even the most well bred women. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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