Thursday, December 23, 2021

Die With Zero

We are taught all our lives to save for a rainy day and contribute part of our earnings to a retirement fund as early as possible. Most of us have watched our parents do better than their parents and their grandparents live longer and fuller lives than their parents. Soon we many be watching our children exceed our wildest dreams. Ideas about saving, spending, donating and waiting for our golden years is deeply ingrained in our beings and we tend to make financial decisions on auto pilot without thoroughly evaluating what we truly want. Bucket lists are a fairly new way for this generation to list experiences they are looking forward to - when they have the time and money. Overspending is often frowned upon as irresponsible. Author Bill Perkins shares his personal views on our collective mistake. Working long and hard, living frugally and saving for the future. If we are lucky enough to make it to retirement age (deemed by the government) many of us will find ourselves without the health and energy and desire to do the things we once fantasized about. Sadly each decade we may have more money to do things but less time. When we have the most time we will not have the health to optimize the experiences we’ve been waiting for. This book analyzes the value put on experiences that far outweigh any balance in our bank accounts. Taking a break from work and spending time with loved ones creates memories that are far more valuable than cash in the bank. Die with Zero is a simple, straightforward reminder to live each day of every year to the fullest. There is no question that time is our most limited resource. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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