Monday, December 27, 2021

Heard it in a Love Song

Layla teaches music class at the local elementary school. Thirty five and recently divorced, she truly enjoys her job and the children. Happy to finally be free from a suffocating and loveless marriage, Layla is trying to rebuild her life one day at a time.Years ago she was part of a successful local band that was making quite a name for themselves. Imagining a life on stage, Layla followed her dreams of making music to share with the world. When she got married her husband slowly convinced her to move on with her life as it was time to be grown-ups and put silly fantasies aside. But Layla never forgot the way it felt to sing and play, to perform in front of a live audience. Josh is a single dad, also going through a difficult divorce. Having married his high school sweetheart at such a young age, he feels they have grown too far apart. His daughter is in Layla’s class and they slowly and carefully become friends. Layla builds a music studio in her basement and for the first time in years begins to explore her old feelings and figure out a brand new future. Guarding both their hearts and protecting Josh’s sweet little girl the two can no longer deny their instant chemistry and the happiness they allow themselves to feel when they are together. Heard it in a Love Song is a really simple, sweet romance about second chances. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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