Sunday, December 19, 2021

Eight Perfect Hours

Noelle Butterby is returning home from her school reunion when she faces stand still traffic in blizzard conditions. Alone in the cold with her phone losing power and a broken charger, panic sets in. A knock at the window both surprises and startles her. The handsome American named Sam offers her assistance with both her phone and her anxiety. Grateful for the company but nervous with this very handsome stranger, the next eight hours quickly pass. Noelle is genuinely disappointed when they must finally part. Sam returning to the airport and his journey back to Portland and she must get home to her mother who is not well and completely dependent on Noelle’s care. Repeatedly meeting Sam again and again over the next few months cannot be an accident. Their chemistry is unmistakable. Noelle decides fate must be sending this sexy, kind man into her life for a reason and she is determined to follow her heart no matter the consequences. Two strangers and one unexpected evening can change the course of everyones lives … if you let it. Sweet, romantic comedy with quirky lovable characters. Dragged a tiny bit for me but enjoyed as one of my snowy holiday reads. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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