Wednesday, December 29, 2021

He's with the Band

Twenty years ago Campbell Cavett was a groupie. Well, not exactly a lovelorn groupie but she was an amateur photojournalist following the hottest rock band around the country trying to get her foot on the tour bus. Blocked by an overprotective manager and a harem of girls with big hair, Campbell didn’t get the ticket to ride. Back to Iowa and normal people life, Campbell met Jake and has spent the last two decades suffocating in a loveless marriage. With their recent divorce finalized and a benign portrait studio job, Campbell doesn’t have a lot to lose or look forward to. In an attempt to recapture her youthful spirit, she and best friend Marissa buy tickets for the Golden Tiger reunion concert in Chicago. At 41, Campbell easily blends in with the roaring crowd of screaming middle aged women. Fighting her way to the front of the mob and being pulled onstage by Davis Scott - lead heartthrob, is a fantasy. Given the opportunity to photograph the band while on tour is just too good to be true. Campbell is not sure if she is more excited by Davis Scott himself or his manager Vince who is more handsome than she remembers. Diving deep into the rock star life on the road she always imagined, Campbell will do whatever it takes to make this journey a success. A story filled with second chances and rock n’ roll, I simply loved these characters! Could have replaced a bit of repetitiveness with some hot scenes, i.e. “The Idea of You”, but this is definitely a fun rockin’ read not to be missed! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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