Sunday, December 19, 2021


Luciana Armstrong and her handsome, charming father John have lived a life of crime. Often rationalized in a Robin Hood like manner, she and her father were as generous and they were conniving. Traveling the country, Lucky was taught that they were a team and no-one else could ever be trusted. Smart as a whip, Lucky dreamed of a normal home, school, friends and to finally meet the mother who abandoned her when she was just a baby. John is eventually imprisoned for his escapades and Lucky meets the perfect guy, Cary. Ready to build a new life and deal with the complicated identity issues her father created, Cary helps Lucky attain her goal of a college degree and a home to call her very own. It is no surprise to learn that sadly Cary is no different than her hustler father. When he disappears without a trace she is left with nothing except the stupid lottery ticket she bought on a whim at the gas station. Days later, Lucky discovers the lottery ticket is the big winner but she cannot easily turn it in without being arrested for a life of crime. This sets Lucky on the search for the one person she believes can set her free. Grifters, con artists or just plain crooks - this fast paced thrilling adventure will take you on a wild ride. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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