Saturday, December 29, 2018

Wife 22

Alice is a middle-aged woman hitting that all too typical hum drum wall. Kids almost grown and flown, husband works a lot, seems distracted, haven’t had sex in awhile. Icing on the cake Alice is almost the age that her mother was when she passed away, which has been the sore spot in her heart through all these years. When Alice receives an email inviting her to join a research project and get paid to answer questions, she is all in. Alice becomes Wife 22 and Wife 22 takes on a life of her own. She answers thoughtfully and sometimes provocatively. Alice begins an online friendship with her researcher. They seem to really click and she feels she can be more honest about her life and herself than she has been for years. By analyzing her past Alice begins to get a clear picture of what she wants for her future. I thoroughly enjoyed this laugh out loud portrait of a spirited middle aged woman who is not afraid to face the truth and wants to live her life to the fullest. Debut novel, dragged a tiny bit at the end - (but I MUST comment, it did not stop me from reading this author’s next novel called Valley of the Moon, which I devoured and gave 5 stars) Definitely recommend Wife 22 for a fun easy read.

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