Saturday, December 29, 2018

Beautiful Player

A new character takes center stage in the Beautiful series. We always new Will worked with heart throb Max but haven’t learned too much about him. Will is one of the group and making his way through New York one night stand at a time. He is good looking, smart and has no intention of settling down like his friends have recently done. While his buddies continue to poke him about his male prowess, an old college friend asks him for a favor. Jensen’s brilliant youngest sister is doing her PhD at Columbia and needs a little prompting to get out of the lab and into the social scene. Will remembers her as a sweet quiet 12 year old. Well, needless to say the 24 year old beauty that enters his life is no chemistry major wall flower. An MIT grad, funny and sweet and sexy, inexperienced Hanna has never had a serious relationship. She wants Will to give her dating lessons. Let’s just say she is an excellent student.

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