Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Tell Me Lies

Lucy is just starting college in a small town in California. Tolerating a horrible relationship with her mother, Lucy left her Long Island NY home and traveled as far as she could to start her new life. As a freshman Lucy quickly makes some friends and then next step, search for the cute guys. Lucy meets Stephen DeMarco. One of those popular guys that derives his greatness from his self absorbed confidence. He is not that cute, or that smart, but from the beginning he makes Lucy feel like she should be honored to have his attention at all. In addition to his deceptive persona, Stephen is a master of manipulation. Half his pleasure is derived from knowing Lucy is waiting for him, always. This exhausting cat and mouse chase is not thrilling as the marketing blurbs tell us. I found it pathetic. I bet, sadly, there are plenty of Lucy and Stephen couples in the world but there is nothing sexy about a psychopath.

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