Saturday, December 29, 2018

Get Lucky

Sarah Harper has a full busy life in New York. When she loses her job and her world comes crumbling down she travels home to Texas to see her sister Mackie. Mackie is happily married with a beautiful home but what she wants more than anything is a baby and unfortunately that is not going to happen. Sarah decides the once in a lifetime gift she can give her loving sister is to become a gestational carrier. Pregnant with swollen feet and hormones raging Sarah becomes fidgety in her new role. With days moving excruciatingly slowly, it is certainly not the ideal time to become reacquainted with her old high school flame Everett. Sarah is genuinely happy to help her sister but at the same time she must figure out her own complicated future. Delightful characters fill this small town story. Katherine Center’s easy writing style brings humor and tenderness to this heartfelt story. 

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