Sunday, December 16, 2018

Valley of the Moon

After Lux fled her childhood home and strict parents on the east coast she unexpectedly became pregnant. Now as a young single mom in the 1970’s, she lives in San Francisco with her son and best friend. Lux spends long days waiting tables and dreaming of a better future. When her 5 year old goes to visit grandma for the first time, Lux goes on a small camping trip in Sonoma Valley. She stumbles through the fog and finds a small farming community. She feels an immediate and meaningful connection to Joseph, the community leader, his wife, sister and many others as she shares a meal and tours their beautiful farm. A peaceful feeling lingers in the fragrant air and beauty is found at every turn. The catch is this community is from the past. Time has all but stopped for them since the huge earthquake that occurred in 1906. Lux spends decades traveling back and forth between two worlds. One where her son is everything and the other where she feels truly at home. I could not put down this incredible novel by Melanie Gideon. Filled with history, family, romance and friendship, and of course time travel, which I love! You will be thinking of these characters long after the last page.

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