Saturday, December 29, 2018

Beautiful Bastard

Hard working, beautiful, and driven, intern Chloe Mills sees only one obstacle in her future, her boss. When Bennett Ryan joins the family firm in Chicago, Chloe is thrown for a loop. She knows she does her job better than anyone else in the department and is on track for her MBA until this difficult, obstinate man is placed as her new boss. Bennett and Chloe are immediately at each others throats, arguing constantly with an underlying sexual tension that neither of them can ignore. Chloe knows hooking up with your boss breaks all the rules. Bennett is accustomed to women falling at his feet. What will it take for these two to learn to get along? Enjoyed this push and pull and push some more romance novel by my fave authors Christina Lauren. This is the first in the Beautiful series. It’s a fun, quick, hot read and if you like it, you are in luck because there are 9 more to follow.

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