Monday, September 7, 2015

Who Do You Love

Rachel and Andy meet as youngsters in a Miami Emergency Room.
Their bond is immediate but Rachel, a six year old precocious girl was born with a serious heart defect. As her mom quietly cries her way through Rachel's childhood and Bat Mitzvah, she becomes a typical lip gloss wearing, boy crazy, clothes conscious teen who is desperately searching for "love." The only thing she focuses on more is covering up the scar from her surgeries and becoming popular. In high school, after much begging and cajoling Rachel convinces her parents to allow her to attend a volunteer program out of state for a week. Upon arrival a familiar face approaches. He is tall, dark and handsome - this is too good to be true. And very quickly Rachel reacquaints herself with Andy. He remembers her perfectly and they instantly reconnect. Andy's life has not been exactly that of a prince. His mother is protective and secretive, his father is dead and they are poor. Andy struggles socially and gets into fights. Finally to keep him out of trouble, Andy discovers running. He is extremely talented and track becomes his focus and his future. He and Rachel desperately try to hold on to what they believe is true love. Through decades of an on and off relationship and deep friendship they pass through the ups and downs, the good and very bad that life throws their way. Highly recommend this latest novel by Jennifer Weiner exploring the notion of soul mates, love, friendship, family and trust. As always she tells her story with insight and humor. There is no avoiding the reminiscence of childhood and effects of every relationship. Is it true that the people from your past know you best? Know and love you in a way no one else can?

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