Friday, September 18, 2015

Between the Tides

Lainie Smith Morris is a mother, an artist and a wife, in that order.
She lives in NYC with her successful orthopedic surgeon husband Charles, who has a perfect profile and resume to match. Lainie adores her four young children but her creative mind, her heart and soul pull her towards water. Having grown up on the New Jersey shore Lainie always swam feverishly, her family ran a small marina and later, her art featured water and everything surrounding it. Having pushed aside her talent to raise a family Lainie manages by swimming at the Y and having a gorgeous view of the river. All of that changes when Charles accepts a prestigious position at a hospital in the suburbs of New Jersey. Outside of Manhattan Lainie flounders. Her routine is flummoxed and she cannot find her footing at home or with her painting. She reconnects with an old friend named Jess who appears to be the head honcho mom of this small town. But Jess’s motives are flawed and Lainie is the last to find out just how tainted their friendship truly is. Everything Lainie loves is at stake. Highly recommend this suspenseful, intriguing novel of friendship, marriage and the paths that take us to and from our passions. Excellent writing from this newfound author, I look forward to reading her again!

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