Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Heart-Shaped Hack

Kate Watts is a young woman running a struggling food pantry
in Northeast Minnesota. She is beautiful, smart and has a full social life. After abandoning her career as an attorney and leaving her sweet but ho-hum boyfriend, Kate knows something is missing from her life. Like most young women Kate is looking for love and excitement, she is searching for adventure. After appearing on tv for a short promo to raise money for her food pantry, Kate receives a large donation from a rather self possessed, very good looking man named Ian. And Ian is relentless in his attempts to win Kate's heart. But Ian is a computer hacker and from this moment on Kate's life is certainly no longer quiet, and if it was adventure she was looking for it is now waiting at her doorstep and in her bed. Hackers have enemies and they are not always more than a click away. Author Tracey Garvis Graves once again pulls us into her delicious romance and page turning novel. Thrown into the exciting world of computers and hacking, which most of use daily but know little of the dangers that lurk beneath each key stroke. Don't miss this easy, most enjoyable read. You too are certain to fall in love with Kate and Ian. I will most certainly be waiting for the sequel!

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