Saturday, September 5, 2015

Run You Down

Rebekah Roberts works at the New York Tribune.  She moved to New York after graduation from the University of Florida with her close friend Iris and finds herself at her dream job just beginning to learn her way around. But Rebekah's past and long time anxiety is catching up with her. Aviva, her birth mother had left a deeply religious Jewish world many years ago. After Aviva ran off with Brian, Rebekah's dad, she had abandoned everything she knew and disappeared. More than twenty years later Rebekah finds herself on a story investigating murder in the very community her mother ran from. While she closely looks for clues, Rebekah shockingly finds a trail leading to her mother's past and a religious world she finds both hard to understand or defend. Discovering this very isolated community and battling her own personal conflicts with religion and motherlessness cause Rebekah to confront her deepest questions and fears. Through this exciting sequel to Invisible City (which I loved - but you can read the two novels independently) we once again meet Saul, the ex NYPD turned private eye that knew Rebekah's mother and helps her navigate this Chassidish world she has trouble understanding. While Rebekah works to solve this supposed murder which has been covered up - but by whom? - Rebekah learns about her own past and present self. This suspenseful page turner is a fabulous read. I highly recommend both of these well done, throughly enjoyable novels by author Julia Dahl. Cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

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