Monday, September 28, 2015

A Window Opens

Alice is describes as a "mostly" happy mother of three. Living
in the suburbs, a town she grew up in, just outside NYC. Alice has few complaints. Oh, the PTA moms can get a little competitive and sometimes her Pilates class is running late but her kids are delicious, she is a part time book reviewer, her helpful parents live nearby and her husband is her best friend (and a good one at that!) And then it all unravels. Her husband decides to leave his large firm to start his own practice, her beloved Dad is ill and she needs to find a full time job to help support the family. Gone are the days of waiting on line at the coffee shop and walking the kiddies home from school. It is time for Alice to jump back in the saddle of Manhattan and she is ready, or at least she pretends to be. Alice finds employment at Scroll, a tech start up that is aimed to change the world of reading. Everyone there is half her age and there is a whole new world and lingo to be learned. With wit, good humor and tenderness Alice finds her way through this maze of her life. Only a teensy bit far fetched and incredibly funny, I absolutely loved accompanying Alice on her journey that is at once familiar, foreign and totally possible. I highly recommend this fun, well written, enjoyable read and will definitely be looking for more from author Elisabeth Egan in the future.

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