Friday, September 18, 2015

The Blue

The third amazing novel from author Lucy Clarke was completely unputdownable.  Lana and Kitty abandon England hoping to leave their demons behind. Both motherless, with father issues and careers floundering; these childhood besties set out for an adventure. With the spin of a globe the girls find themselves backpacking through the Philippines. Completely by chance the girls meet a group who sail on a yacht called The Blue. An innocent visit to the boat turns into an invitation to crew with this small enticing group of characters. Indescribable paradise (and author Lucy is very good at that!) is found, along with romance, friendship and intrigue. Unfortunately some of the intrigue becomes disturbing. Some of the crew have not told the truth, and appear to be hiding behind this paradise. Very quickly the passage to Palau and nine days at sea unravel. Lana cannot escape her demons, the sea is rough and everyone is agitated. As Lana becomes more fearful, danger seems imminent and her lifelong friendship with Kitty leaves her wondering just what is it they are not telling her? I absolutely loved this suspenseful, fantastic read. I dreamed of being on The Blue and have already cast the movie in my mind! (Think Matthew McConaughey for Denny!) Highly recommend this read!

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