Saturday, September 10, 2016

You Will Know Me

Devon Knox is extraordinary. She is a gymnast at the cusp of great things. You can practice more than anyone, with more discipline and pain than all the other girls but more often than not there is one girl who is better, who is the best. The Knox family revolves every minute of their lives around the schedule, cost and future of Devon’s gymnastic career. Eric and Katie are used to this world they have been immersed in since Devon was very young and deemed “extraordinary.” Their little boy Drew quietly observes their lives as a spectator and willfully submits to this lifestyle where he is barely present. The coach, resembling none other than Bela Karolyi, has designed a path for Devon, the star of his gym that is beyond what her parents had ever imagined. Throw into the mix a team of neurotic, obsessed, nutty parents, an awful lot of money and Ryan. Ryan is a beautiful young man that enters their lives as the boyfriend of the coach’s niece Hailey. He is always helpful and always around. The young girls and all the mothers have magical crushes. After a tragic accident their entire world is turned upside down. Incredible author Megan Abbott throws in more unexpected twists than one could ever imagine. Through investigations, secret diaries and violent gossip Devon’s mom Katie does not know who to believe. She is faced with the dilemma of protecting her daughter, learning the truth and believing there is still a future. This twisted novel is absolutely unputdownable. A little bit Tonya Harding scandal and a lot of what we may see in any over the top competitive sports. I truly wish that I read this during the Olympics (would have been so fun!) I HIGHLY recommend this quick, exciting rollercoaster ride. WOW!!!!

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