Friday, September 2, 2016

The Underground Railroad

Cora is a smart, feisty, young woman abandoned by her mother on a plantation in Georgia. The cotton plantation is two parts owned by two brothers, one significantly more evil than the other. When the more evil brother takes over Cora is coerced by Caesar to run away north and find freedom. Scared and desperate she agrees and the two set out for a journey on a literal underground railroad. The deeper meanings of which do not escape Cora or the reader. She is told when you travel to closely watch America go by, this is the real world. Only this railroad is pitch dark and from stop to stop she sees nothing but blackness. They are closely followed by the unimaginably brutal man called Ridgeway, an infamous slave catcher who believes Cora’s mother is the “one” slave who got away. She is hunted and hidden in each town she enters. Every moment Cora finds even a bit of happiness, she knows the jig is up because happiness seems impossible, although hope magically remains. Following this magnificent character on her journey for freedom is a life changing experience. This incredible author puts the reader in another time, another place that is frighteningly real. This novel is unputdownable. Great story, amazing cast of characters and beautifully written, I highly recommend The Underground Railroad.

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