Thursday, September 15, 2016

Karolina's Twins

As Lena Woodward, a wealthy 89 year old woman in Chicago nears the end of her life she has one promise to keep. Finding Karolina’s twins. After a long happy life Lena manages to finally face the Holocaust memories she has tucked away since she was a young girl. Horrific details come flooding back as Lena describes her life to Catherine and Liam, whom she has hired to help her find these babies who would now be 72 years old. Lena’s only son Arthur has filed an injunction to stop his mother from what he calls obsessive bizarre behavior and senility. He wants complete guardianship before she throws her entire fortune away on a make believe chase that he’d rather not contemplate. Convinced the son does not want to jeopardize his inheritance detective Liam and attorney Catherine, a young married couple who work as a team and are expecting their first child, become deeply immersed in Lena’s story and do everything in their power to find the truth. Author Ronald H. Balson once again (#3) in what has become a series, starring extremely likable Liam and Catherine, pulling the reader back in time through an unforgettable journey that is well researched historically and heart wrenching. Highly recommend this excellent novel about the triumphs and tragedies of family, love and honor during one of history’s bleakest times.

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