Monday, September 26, 2016


Shelby is a typical teen living a typical small town life. Mom is the librarian at the elementary school, Dad runs a small shop on Main Street. Her future is magnificently displayed before her; plans in the making, NYC!, college approaching, life could not be more wonderful. On one icy night Shelby’s life is literally turned upside down in a tragic accident. All she wants now is to disappear, dissolve, cease to exist. The guilt and burden she carries is too much to show her face in daylight. After a breakdown, all plans out the window and a two year stint hiding in her parents basement, Shelby’s shell starts to crack and the truth and pain and future begin to shine through her darkness. With the help of an old friend, Ben Mink takes Shelby by the hand and slowly returns her to the world. It is difficult to navigate and without self love or self worth Shelby takes painfully small baby steps on the road to recovery. The title says it all, it is a story about faith. Faith in yourself, in those you love and of the world itself. Highly recommend this beautifully written novel by bestselling author Alice Hoffman. I was mesmerized by this young woman, moved by her mother’s endless love and inspired by the unlikeliest friendships. Shelby learns it can be as simple or as complicated as the paper wrapped inside of a fortune cookie, but either way it is up to you. And only you.

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  1. Thank you! I am so looking forward to this one. I love Alice Hoffman so to hear she's got a new novel out makes me very happy.