Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Modern day Pride and Prejudice. If Jane Austen was a writer today “Eligible” would have been her smash success. Five Bennet sisters living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sort of had family money but it quietly wasted away. All the sisters are beautiful, smart and single. As the eldest, sweetest Jane nears forty, their mother is having a melt down partly because Jane is still single, and partly because their father has unexpected health issues and she is the chair at an important luncheon this fall. Everyone moves back into the childhood home for the summer and chaos naturally ensues. With much humor and in delicious, perfect, bite sized chapters, this novel was completely unputdownable. Curtis Sittenfeld’s modern day take on a much loved classic could not have been more enjoyable. Laugh out loud funny, I was enthralled from the first chapter. This book is a PERFECT way to start the summer.

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