Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Widow

Gone Girl. Girl on the Train. Luckiest Girl Alive. Are you ready to be thrilled again? The Widow by author Fiona Barton. Taking the reader on a completely unexpected suspenseful twisted story until the very end. From page 1 my mind is racing ahead and the British accents of the cast are clearly speaking to me. Jean and Glen Taylor live a fairly quiet life outside London. Having married very young, Jean always looked up to her older, much more sophisticated husband. Pretty much, he ran the show and she pleased him and never questioned his decisions. Sort of a very quiet, gentle abuse. He was loving, he adored her and then one day the police knocked at the door. Jean’s world came tumbling down. Not very many family or friends around, after 17 years Jean and Glen’s world revolved around each other. When he is accused of a horrendous crime, Jean is by his side defending every action and word he says, until one day she turns to him and his eyes are blank, he doesn’t look like the same person. And there is no going back. She won’t lie about her lies and she cannot figure out how to go forward in this relationship. And then tragedy strikes again. Glen, what have you done? Throw into this suspenseful UNPUTDOWNABLE read a kind of cool reporter and old time copper who refuse to let go of the case. I highly recommend this new novel and I can already picture the film being cast.


  1. Someone in my book club was RAVING about The Widow! I just treated myself to a Literary Guild membership and chose The Widow as one of my first two selections. My copy should be arriving any day! Can't wait!!!

  2. I am going to pick up a copy of this book. I really enjoyed The Girl on The Train and Gone Girl and this sounds like in similar vein. I liked your review has made me want to read The Widow. I just love books that I can't put down!