Saturday, May 28, 2016

Glory Over Everything

If you ever wondered in the back of your mind, what happened to Belle, Jamie, Sukey and Miss Lavinia and wished The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom would continue, you are in luck! After finding out who his true mother is Jamie Pyke is forced to run north for freedom. Having led a pampered existence on the plantation, he is ill prepared for the journey and decisions to be made daily for survival. He is only 13 years old. Jamie is a sweet, intelligent boy who is not accustomed to the harsh realities of life or those of the big city. He makes his way to Philadelphia and it is his good fortune to meet Henry, a free slave that saves his life and pushes him towards his future. Jamie is adopted by a wealthy silversmith and his wife. The Burtons are the loving family he always dreamed of but Jamie soon learns it is impossible to bury the truth forever. As it comes to light that his biological mother was a slave, Jamie’s reality becomes uncertain. His comfortable lifestyle and those he has loved for the last twenty years need to accept him for his true self and Jamie must confront the man he hopes he is. Could not put down this page turning, amazing novel. If you loved The Kitchen House, you will not be able to read this fast enough. If you have not - I believe it can stand alone as a magnificent portrayal of characters you will be thinking about long after you finish the book.

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