Sunday, May 22, 2016

Where I Lost Her

Tess Waters is not crazy. She saw her. She is real. And she is going to find her.  One night Tess is driving back to the lake from a store. It’s close to midnight, pitch dark and they had been drinking at dinner. She sees a small lost girl in the road. Her hand is bleeding and she runs into the forest. After an intense police and volunteer search, the authorities in this remote Vermont town decide Tess must be a crazy attention seeking New Yorker and put an end to this chaos that has disrupted the entire town. But for Tess it is only the beginning.  And while she is putting the clues together to find this missing child, she is figuring out the puzzle of her own life. Her fading relationship with Jake, the beauty of her indelible lifelong friendship with Effie and burning desire to become a mother. I highly recommend this suspenseful novel filled the emotions of a saga and the page turning chapters of a thriller. I was immersed in the easy lyrical writing of author T. Greenwood and felt myself  alongside Tess walking through these very woods. #summerread #beachread #summerbooklist

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