Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Did You Ever Have A Family

Incredibly poignant story of a tragedy that changed lives and
an entire town forever. June Reid is out in the garden the morning destruction took place. She is saved by the mere technicality that she fell asleep in the wedding tent late the night before. Her feisty beloved daughter with her loving fiance, June's ex-husband and current lover are gone. All gone. So June decides to disappear as well. Off June goes in her car across the country, destination unknown, only her memories travel with her. And through these flashbacks June and a few others that are affected by this disaster, take a close look at where they have been and who they have been to themselves and those they love. This beautifully written story, a debut novel from Bill Clegg, is an incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking look into what we each want out of our lives, what makes us happy and what can happen when it is all taken away. It is sad - but it is sad from the beginning so its more about the journey rather than the characters that you don't know very well. Did You Ever Have A Family gives the reader a lot to contemplate and is an easy and poetic read about truth and our connection with each other as humans. Highly recommend my reader friends.

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