Monday, October 19, 2015

Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes

I read this book in one sitting. Contrary to popular belief, I rarely do that. I smiled and laughed out loud the whole way through. Irresistible, adorable main character, Ally Hughes is a professor on tenure track at Brown. She is raising her ten year old daughter and navigating single parenthood when Jake suddenly enters her life. Okay, it seems like the typical hot hot student (stop it! He is 21) goes for the teacher (who is really not that much older than him) and she cannot resist. Well, at first she tries to resist. He comes over as the handyman and ... he is very handy. This may sound corny but Ally has zero social life and few friends. She has dedicated her life to her daughter and work in an almost monastic facade. She deserves this! And it leads to an adorable story that jumps ten years forward when she moves to Brooklyn, her daughter is grown and a wannabe actress, and it is finally time for Ally to make a love life for herself. This heartwarming look at romance, parenthood and culmination of living each day with all the choices we make brings us this amazing, enjoyable story from author Jules Moulin. Highly recommend this fun read!!

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